+9 FREE Cry Babies Invitations Templates for Birthdays

Create personalized Cry Babies birthday and party invitations cards with our free online editor. Choose your digital template, customize the text and background, then print, download PDF or send by email or WhatsApp your custom e-invites to your friends!

+9 FREE Cry Babies Invitations Templates for Birthdays

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How To Make a Cry Babies Invitation

Create your own Cry Babies invitation card with personalized text using our free online maker. Choose from 9 Cry Babies templates (suitable for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Parties or Events) that can be personalized and edited online. Our editable invitation app allows you to customize all the event details.

After you've created your card, you can print, download it as a PDF or send it via WhatsApp with excellent image quality for free.

Learn more about how to create invitation for free with Fiestas con Ideas:

How to create a Cry Babies invite for parties, birthdays or events? Open Close

In just 4 easy steps you can create a personalized Cry Babies invitation for your parties, birthdays or events. Follow these steps to create a personalized invite with your favorite image and all the important details for the celebration.


  1. Browse through the list of Cry Babies party invitation templates below and choose the one you like best.

  2. Fill out the form by entering the necessary information about the upcoming birthday or event.

    Customize the texts: Our invitation maker has two options to customize the text: "Simple Text Invitation" or "Full Text invitation". With the latter you can write the text of the invitation as you like.

    NEW: You now also have the option to personalize the color and font of the text!

  3. Use the "Invitation Preview" button to check the accuracy of all the information. You can make any necessary changes to the text.

  4. To finalize the process, click on the "Generate Invitation" button.

    And there you have it. Your custom Cry Babies invitation is ready!

An automatic template will be created with four personalized Cry Babies birthday cards suitable for:

  • Printing on an A4 sheet.
  • Download in PDF format.
  • Send the digital invitation via WhatsApp, Telegram, email or social networks. (In this case, you will download 1 ready-to-share party invite).

Create your invitation now and make your upcoming celebration even more special.

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How to create Cry Babies invitations to send by WhatsApp? Open Close

Creating Cry Babies invitations for WhatsApp is easy with Fiestas con Ideas. You can create the best Cry Babies invitation cards for birthdays parties, baby showers, events and more!

Choose the free Cry Babies invitation template you like best and fill in the blank fields of the form with the real data of the event. That's it. Now all you have to do is download the free Cry Babies invitation image and share it via WhatsApp.

💡 How to send a Cry Babies invitation via WhatsApp?

Nowadays, the most popular way is to send the digital invitation via WhatsApp.

The Cry Babies invitation can be sent via WhatsApp individually or you can create a "WhatsApp Group" with all the contacts you want to invite. The invitation will be sent to the group and everyone will receive it immediately.

Sending the invitation to a WhatsApp group has its advantages: In this group, guests can confirm their participation, clarify questions, share photos from the birthday or event, and/or thank them for their presence after the party.

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How to create Cry Babies invitations to print? Open Close

When you are satisfied with the text or information you have added to the party invitation template, a template of 4 invitations will automatically be created for you ready to print on an A4 sheet. You can print as many invitations as you need on a home printer or laser printer.

💡 The cheapest way to print Cry Babies invitations

To print Cry Babies invitations and not spend a lot of money on printer ink, we recommend printing them once in good quality and then making copies on a color laser photocopier. This is cheaper for you and all the Cry Babies invitations will have the same quality as the initial print.

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How to create Cry Babies invitations to download in PDF? Open Close

After you have entered all the invitation information, the application will generate a new template with four personalized invitations that can be downloaded as a print-ready PDF file on A4 size sheet.

💡 If you download the Cry Babies invitation template in PDF format, you can take the file to a color laser printing center and print the invitation cards in the best quality.

For printing the invitations, we recommend that you have them printed on opaline paper or glossy / matte illustration paper weighing about 200 grams. The party invite will look great!

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Select the Cry Babies invite that you like the most:



Preview of the chosen invitation
Free Cry Babies Birthday Invitation
Event Title
Monday, May 27th
[At time] [To time]
RSVP: [Phone or Email] (Optional)
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2 Edit Cry Babies Invitation Card

Please fill out the form below to provide all the necessary details for your event:

Comments, ideas, suggestions for new characters or themes. Feel free to Contact Us
Simple text invitation Full text

Fill in here the basics details of Cry Babies invitation template.

[Name] is turning [Number]!
Please Join Us for [Name] Birthday!
You´re invited to a party for [Name]
[Name] Birthday Party!
Welcome to [Name] Baptism or Baby Shower
At To
NEW! Font Styles Open
1) You´re invited to... Preview
2) You´re invited to... Preview
3) You´re invited to... Preview
4) You´re invited to... Preview
5) You´re invited to... Preview
6) You´re invited to... Preview
7) You´re invited to... Preview
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11) You´re invited to... Preview
12) You´re invited to... Preview
13) You´re invited to... Preview
14) You´re invited to... Preview
15) You´re invited to... Preview
16) You´re invited to... Preview
17) You´re invited to... Preview
18) You´re invited to... Preview
19) You´re invited to... Preview
20) You´re invited to... Preview

Preview invitation

The invitations on this website are free. We never ask for bank details. By clicking on the "Generate birthday card" button, FIESTAS CON IDEAS does not collect or store any information provided by the user.

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