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50+ Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

Explore many ideas for Halloween and 'Noche de Brujas' phrases for invitations. Includes fun and appropriate phrases for kids.

50+ Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

When Halloween or "Noche de Brujas" arrives, everyone is immersed in a magical atmosphere full of scary costumes, illuminated pumpkins with spooky shapes, and an incomparable sense of joy and charm.

One of the best ways to celebrate this Halloween is by sending cards with phrases that reflect the feeling of this special night. Whether you're sending greetings to friends,  family or making someone smile, creative cards with messages are the perfect way to share the spirit of Halloween.

In this post, we'll introduce you to some of the funniest, spookiest and most charming phrases you can use for Halloween or "Noche de Brujas" cards.


We present the following ideas for your Halloween invitation.

  • Halloween Party. Join us if you dare...
  • Halloween Horror Night Party. Enter if you dare...
  • Join us for Halloween Trick or Treating.
  • Join us for a Pumpkin carving party
  • Join us for a boo bash
  • Shadows of a thousand years. Rise again unseen... Voices whisper in the trees, Soon it will be Halloween. Your presence is requested.
  • You are summoned to a Halloween party. Honour us with your presence at .... YES / NO. (Halloween Ouija board party invitation)
  • The ..... family request your spiritual presence. Halloween Party.
  • Let´s get Spooky. Join us for a Halloween party
  • Join us for Halloween Party. Bring your own poison. A witch in good time!
  • A Wicked Good Time. Join us for a costume party.
  • Eat Drink and Be Scary. Join us for a night of Halloween fun.
  • Join us for Boos & Brews. Halloween Night.
  • Boos and Brews. Which will you choose? Join us for a Halloween Party.
  • Please join us for BOOS & BOOZE at our annual Halloween Party.
  • Boos or Booze. Which will you choose? Join us for a Halloween Party.
  • It's gonna be a Killer Party. Halloween Night Costume Party.
  • Don't ghost this party. Join us for Halloween Costumes & Cocktails. Don't be caught dead without a costume!
  • I'll be waiting for you at my house to celebrate Halloween! Don't sleep! Atte: Freddy Krueger.
  • Halloween is the monsters party and you are the protagonist. I'm waiting for you to celebrate it together!
  • If you're looking for scares and fun, I invite you to my Halloween party!
  • Let's have fun with a good scare!
  • I'll be waiting for you at my Halloween party so you can be yourself!
  • Don't be afraid of ghosts, be one of them at my party!
  • This thing about being a ghost and passing as a normal citizen has exhausted me.
  • When fear knocks on your door, tell it, trick or treat?
  • No tears, please! Today we celebrate Halloween!

Feel free to use these phrases to add a fun and spooky vibe to the free Halloween invitations from Fiestas con ideas´s english site.

Don't be afraid of ghosts, be one of them at my party!


Prepare your pumpkins and sharpen your fangs, because Halloween is just around the corner! That is why we will share with you these phrases designed to bring a smile to the little monsters and witches in the family.

From candy and costumes to ghost stories and spooky laughs, Halloween quotes for kids become part of the fun.

  • Trick or treat? Why not both?
  • Today is Halloween! Let out the ghost in you!
  • From witch to witch, I wish you a Happy Halloween.
  • Don't spend money on a costume, you already have it on!
  • I invite you to my party to move your skeleton!
  • Don't clean the dust and cobwebs, they are used to decorate my Halloween party!
  • "When one door closes, another opens" Be careful, your house is haunted!
  • Today we celebrate Halloween! Don't forget your brooms and black cats!
  • We heard you're hosting a monster and zombie bash. Do we need to bring gifts?
  • Today is Monday. A true horror story.

When one door closes, another opens... Be careful, your house is haunted!


To illuminate your way a little more in this task, we've turned to the creative mind at ChatGPT, who has conjured up a series of spookily entertaining invitation phrases.

Halloween-themed phrases you can use to add a spooky touch to your invitations:

  • Join us if you dare, for a Halloween scare!
  • Get ready for a night of tricks, treats, and eerie beats!
  • Creep it real and come celebrate Halloween with us!
  • Put on your horror costumes and let's have a good time!
  • Join our haunted gathering for a spooktacular time!
  • Witches, goblins, and ghosts, oh my! You're invited to a Halloween bash!
  • Join us under the moonlight for a frightfully fun evening!
  • Don't be a scaredy-cat, join us for a spooktacular night!
  • It's a Halloween hullabaloo! Join us for thrills and chills!
  • Get your broomsticks and capes ready; it's Halloween party time!

Get your broomsticks and capes ready. It's Halloween party time!


Creating Halloween invitations on our site is very easy, they are editable and there are 30 invitation templates to choose (and we are preparing more halloween invitations) where pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, vampires, haunted houses, costumes abound, blood and terror.

We should also mention that the Halloween invitations complement very well with the free printable Halloween files. You can not miss it!


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