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8 Halloween Party Games for Tweens

Explore our list of exciting Halloween party games specifically designed for preteens (ages 11 to 15).

8 Halloween Party Games for Tweens

Undoubtedly, Halloween night is eagerly anticipated by many throughout the year, especially the younger ones, and it's no wonder: spooky and fun costumes, plenty of treats, and the darkness make for a very enjoyable night.

If you're planning to enjoy Halloween with a fun party for preteens, in our article, we'll provide you with some options to have the scariest and most entertaining party of all. Don't miss out!

The Best Halloween Games for Preteens

In addition to setting up a space with music, food, and spooky decorations, no party would be complete without some games.

There are many options to choose from, including riddles, team competitions, or just an activity to enjoy a spooky moment. Don't forget to prepare prizes for the winners of some games.

Remember to leave some time in the schedule for trick-or-treating.

Below, we'll provide you with some options:

  • Apple Bobbing: A classic American Halloween tradition. Fill a large container with plenty of water, then add many apples. Those who manage to catch an apple with their mouths will not only get the fruit but also enjoy a prize.
  • Guess the Movie: For horror movie enthusiasts, take several screenshots of scary movie scenes and prepare two teams that will have to guess the titles.
  • Mummy Race: A fun game to be played in pairs. Get several rolls of toilet paper and have two pairs compete. The first to turn their partner into a mummy wins.
  • Tales of Terror: To make the party even scarier, turn off the music and lights, have the kids sit on the floor, and tell them some scary stories. An acclaimed author for this activity is often Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The Mystery Box: Another classic game for a spooky night. Prepare some sturdy boxes with objects of strange textures, like slimy or furry, and blindfold the kids to guess what's inside using their hands. Make it fun by saying that the box contains spiders, brains, or snakes. You can use food like cooked spaghetti, canned tomatoes, or sliced fruits.
  • Beer Pong: In this non-alcoholic version of the game of throwing ping-pong balls into plastic cups filled with water, the balls will be painted with spooky motifs, like eyeballs.
  • Candy Toss: Divide the guests into two teams. Then, set up two plastic pumpkins or cauldrons at a certain distance from the teams. The group that collects the most candies inside the containers wins.
  • Horror Movie Charades: Another option for those who love movies, this game is a must-have.

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