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10 Halloween Office Party Ideas For Your Team

Explore creative ideas for celebrating Halloween in the office. Get inspired and organize an unforgettable party that your team will love.

10 Halloween Office Party Ideas For Your Team

The company or office is the place where you carry out your work for many hours every week, and your colleagues have become like an extension of your family.

So, why not consider the possibility of celebrating Halloween in your workplace?

Transform the routine of October 31 in the office into a special day by organizing a themed celebration that will not only improve the work atmosphere but also make the day tremendously fun.

1) Trick or Treat

One of the most famous Halloween games is "trick or treat" You can prepare small activities for those who want a trick and also have a container full of candy for those who prefer a treat.

It's a traditional game that will ensure a lot of fun.

2) Organize a Costume Contest

To learn how to celebrate Halloween in the workplace, it is essential to encourage active employee participation. Therefore, if you organize a costume contest with an enticing prize at stake, you will get them excited to join the celebration.

The prizes don't need to be expensive; something as simple as breakfast, a T-shirt, dinner, or a discount voucher can be enough to motivate employees and get them enthusiastically involved in the Halloween festivity.

💡 Remember, you can also send these Halloween office party invitation to your team so they can plan for the activity in advance.

3) Halloween Trivia

Lunchtime at the office offers a perfect opportunity to organize entertaining games that allow all employees to fully enjoy the Halloween celebration in the workplace.

A question and answer game related to Halloween can add a fun touch to the lunch break.

By dividing employees into two teams, you can carry out this activity where all the questions will be related to spooky elements, such as: "Which famous killer used a hockey mask?", "What was the name of the girl in 'The Exorcist'?", and similar questions.

4) Charades Game

Another classic game that is never absent from gatherings among friends or family is to organize a charades game with horror movies.

To start, members of one team must assign a horror movie to a member of the other team, who will act it out through charades and try to make their team guess what it is.

If they wish, the player can also choose to draw or make notes (this can be very helpful if the movie is particularly complex).

5) Horror Questions

Halloween entertainments for adults, like this one, are ideal for having fun and, at the same time, delving into your friends' knowledge, revealing their more mysterious side.

This game is simple; just ask the following questions and answer them one by one:

  • Do you have any superstitions?
  • What is your greatest fear?
  • What scares you and embarrasses you to admit it?
  • Do you believe in the existence of spirits?
  • Have you ever experimented with a Ouija board?

Then, you can share the results with everyone.

6) The Mummy Game

If you are looking for Halloween activities suitable for teenagers, adults, or children, this option is fun and full of laughter.

Don't know the rules? We provide you with a simple step-by-step.

  1. To play the mummy game, simply divide the participants into two equal teams.
  2. One person from each team will take on the role of the "mummy."
  3. The rest of the team must wrap the mummy in toilet paper as quickly as possible to win.
  4. A judge will determine who can be the best mummy.

7) The Burning Pumpkin

Have you ever experienced the game of hot potato? Well, the Burning Pumpkin is practically the same idea, but with a Halloween twist and designed for an adult audience.

Gather in a circle, except for one guest who will act as the moderator.

They should pass a pumpkin from hand to hand in a clockwise direction. When the moderator decides to stop the music, the person holding the pumpkin will be the loser and, therefore... will have to perform a forfeit!

8) Nightmare Twister

Who says Twister can't be spooky? Although it is one of the Halloween games most suitable for children and teenagers, Twister can be equally fun for a group of adults, especially if they are willing to play it after participating in the previous drink contest.

It would be ideal for the host to prepare a customized Halloween Twister, but if time is short or crafts are not your thing, you can always choose to play the standard version of Twister, but with an unbreakable rule... to keep your costumes on!

9) Bobbing for Apples

One of the favorite games for adults during Halloween, it is extremely fun and entertaining, as well as simple and action-packed.

You only need a large container, some apples, your friends, and the willingness to have a very entertaining time.

Fill a large container with water and then place 5 apples in it.

Guests must catch them using only their teeth.

If you want to increase the difficulty, challenge your friends to catch the apples blindfolded.

To position the container, a member of each team will provide directions to guide their partner.

Which team takes the victory? It's simple! The one that manages to retrieve the most apples in just 1 minute.

10) Halloween Drink Competition

One of the most exciting games for adults on Halloween... Are you part of a competitive group? Are you looking for something cool and delicious that will encourage you to enjoy the night in a unique way? Then, what you need is an exciting drink competition!

There are various ways to play, but here's a suggestion:

  1. Set up a table with a variety of drinks, glasses, and decorations.
  2. Assign a space to each participant.
  3. Give them 5 minutes to create a delicious, original, and unique Halloween drink.

Ideally, have a judge who will determine the best option (considering both taste and presentation).

However, if everyone wants to participate, you can also make the decision through an anonymous vote. May the most outstanding one win!


So far, 10 excellent game ideas to celebrate Halloween in the office, company or at your workplace. We hope you liked them... sorry, scared!!


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