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How to make wedding invitations: What should you keep in mind?

Preparing a wedding invitation is one of the most important parts of the event.

The invitation is much more than an access pass to the wedding party: it is the means to communicate with our families, friends or relatives, bringing them the most important details of the event, in addition to the day and time.

If you want to know the most important things for a wedding invitation, don't miss our article.

How to make wedding invitations: What should you keep in mind?

What types of wedding invitations exist?

There are two types of wedding or marriage invitations, each with various options to personalize: physical and digital.

  • Physical: It allows us to concentrate all the event information in a simple structure, different printing techniques can be used, they can be of different sizes and there are multiple material options to select (for example: Opaline paper or cardboard that can have a smooth finish or with textures, artistic papers, recycled, glassine paper, albanene and more).
  • Digital: Allows you to add multiple multimedia elements, such as videos, photos, music, location link for the ceremony. In addition, this invitation format allows you to invite people instantly and receive their response with the same immediacy. The ability to send unlimited invitations is also one of the reasons to choose this type of invitations.

What should I keep in mind when making a wedding invitation?

The most important thing when making the wedding invitation is to include all the necessary information for guests to prepare for the big day:

  • Date and Time: Essential so that guests can check their agenda, confirm attendance and prepare for the event.
  • Ceremony and reception location: The names of the event spaces must include their exact addresses, especially if there are guests from out of town. In digital formats, the location with a link may be included.
  • Dress Code: It will give guests a parameter of what they should wear, how formal or relaxed they can look. They are also often used to except colors.
  • Shipping Method: In cases where the invitations cannot be delivered by hand, it is important to send them by mail with enough time to be dispatched and receive a response. Likewise, digital invitations must be sent with the same advance notice as physical invitations.

How to make wedding invitations online for free?

Once we have all the necessary information we can create the invitation to send to your guests.

At Fiestas Con Ideas´s english site we have many options to create your free wedding invitation, you can choose from a template and customize the colors, typography and other design details. Once finished, you can send that invitation to your guests via email or WhatsApp.


 Invitation Templates

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 Invitation Templates

Wedding Invitation Templates

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